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Ultimate Reds

In the battle against aging, the latest miracle cream can only do so much. When you nurture your body from the inside out, you experience a whole new level of vitality.

Ultimate_Reds_Golf_ShadowAnti-Oxidents Promote Healthy Aging

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables brings you a powerhouse of anti-oxidants that tackle free radicals – the oxidative stress that contributes to your body “rusting” or aging.  Free radicals attack your system down to the DNA level, leaving you less able to fight the ravages of disease and aging.

But even with the best intentions, you may not have time to consume all the beautiful red fruits and vegetables you need every day. That’s why we developed the Ultimate Reds formula.

Get your Fruits and Vegetables in one easy to make drink

This super concentrated powder supplement harnesses the antioxidants in over 20 fruits and vegetables, from acai fruit to elderberry. It even includes heart-healthy Resveratrol, the ultimate headline-grabbing ingredient found in grape skins and red wine.

Ultimate_Reds_Golf_BackA diet rich in antioxidants will not only help you look younger, you’ll also feel more vibrant, have clearer thoughts and a sharper memory.

The convenient powder tastes like a refreshing fruit punch, and packs a wallop of immune boosting goodness. Get Ultimate Reds and start sipping your way to better health today.

A simple, convenient packet in powder form which can be added to your bottle of water as you start your round.  A formula that will keep you hydrated and you body optimized throughout your golf game.  A proprietary blend of  over 20 fruits and vegetables to form the highest source of antioxidants available.  The taste is like a refreshing fruit punch, and packs a wallop of immune boosting goodness and electrolytes to get you through your round of golf.

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