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Challenge Coin


LinksWalker took the Challenge Coin concept to the next level by producing the now famous Challenge Coin/Super Ball Marker with its patented receiver and two removable mini coins/ball markers.  Its uniqueness and versatility caught the attention of tournament sponsors, fundraisers, law enforcement agencies and corporations across the nation and beyond.

Since its inception four years ago, our very successful Challenge Coin/Super Ball Marker has been dubbed the “Infinitely Variable Commemorative Coin” because of the twenty- five plus products available that your “coined” logo fits into, expanding the number of different gift choices you can make without incurring additional set up charges.

Couple that with low minimums and great customer service and you have a WIN-WIN every time.

Each Challenge Coin/Super Ball Marker features two, customized, die struck metal, removable mini coins held onto a receiver with a patented heavy duty, dual sided magnet. The receiver sports a colored outer ring that can be customized to match any PMS color to coordinate with your logo.

Many Uses

To Commemorate:

• City Anniversaries
• New Product Launches
• New Store/Restaurant Openings
• Promotions
• Sporting Events
• Government Appointments/Elections


• Unique Business Cards
• Achievement Awards
• Tournament Gifts
• Fundraising Initiatives
• Incentives: Buy this, Get a Challenge   Coin/Super Ball Marker

Challenge Coin History


“The challenge coins/golf markers from Suntime-LinksWalker far exceeded my expectations. Your remarkable attention to detail, impressive product quality, and commendable customer support make you a company I can recommend with pride. Thank you for making my purchase not only a joy for me, but to those who received the coins as gifts!”
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More Information

Challenge Coin History

The Challenge Coin genre started during WWI when a wealthy lieutenant presented each member of his squadron with a bronze medallion which wound up saving the life of one of his pilots. As a result, it became a tradition that military personnel carry their medallion at all times and were ”challenged” to ensure that it was.  There are many stories surrounding challenge coins and we can point you to a starting point on understanding this unique tradition that has turned into a billion dollar industry. Today this tradition has transcended the military to include all industries; media, corporations, golf, academia and fundraising to name a few, each with its own set of collectors.

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MpDirect – IPWerks enhances your opportunity to communicate your message with unique products that begin with a “COIN” embellished with your unique branded logo.

What you communicate visually matters and your logo imprinted on a coin begins its journey of instant advertizing in multiple products

Whether you want to expand your product line, improve good will, or increase your brand recognition, the coin makes it happen!


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