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What is the Sweet Spot?


The sweet spot” of the golf hole is the center portion of the hole, where a putt will drop in the hole 99% of the time. LinksWalker has represented this “sweet spot” with our patent pending “Sweet Spot tm”. The LinksWalker Sweet Spot is a plastic ring 2 ½ inches in diameter – that represents the “sweet spot” of the golf
what_is_sweet_spot2hole. Practicing putting aiming at the LinksWalker Sweet Spot will improve skill and confidence as the golfer learns to hit the “sweet spot” time and time again. On the course the hole will look as big as a bucket!

To add realism to the practice of striking the “Sweet Spot”, we have included a ring that goes around the Sweet Spot that is the size of a regulation golf hole – we call the LinksWalker Golf Donut. This gives the golfer the ability to aim at the “Sweet Spot” and see the regulation size hole. It creates a focus point to aim at and demonstrates that the ball would go in the hole as it goes over the edge of the LinksWalker Golf Donut.


We have also added a flag that can be inserted around the sweet spot to catch the ball – increasing the difficulty and realism of the putt. Like putting at a real golf hole – anywhere!

The Sweet Spot Putting System can be used indoors at home or at the office. It can also be taken to the course and used on the practice green giving the golfer more options on the green to practice. It can be placed anywhere on the green giving the golfer more flexibility in their practice time to get ready for the round.