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Using THe Sweet Spot

Using the Sweet Spot Putting System

On the course, use your Sweet Spot to mark your ball. Our Unique “Patented” Magnetic feature “captures” the ball marker as you drop it into your pocket. No more searching in your pocket looking for a ball marker. When the ball marker is placed in the center of the Sweet Spot, it stays in position floating in the center.






The alignment aid on the back of the Sweet Spot can aid you in lining up your putt.









The Sweet Spot Putting System makes practicing putting easy and convenient. The versatility in the ways you can use the Sweet Spot Putting System makes it enjoyable to practice.

The best tip to improve putting: practice more!


Practice Method #1 (Round Robin Game)

Place the sweet spot with the outer ring around it. Start with a two foot putt. If the ball rolls over the sweet spot it will roll out for some distance. Putt from there and repeat until you make it. Each time you miss it will give you a different distance and angle at the sweet spot.


Practice Method #2 (Multiple Strike Distance Game)

Place the sweet spot on the ground without the outer ring.

Start with a one foot putt. Strike the sweet spot with perfect speed. It will move slightly – a couple of inches. Pull your ball back and putt again. It is now a longer putt. Do this repetitively seeing how many times you can strike the sweet spot. Each putt will get longer and longer until you miss. See how many times you can hit it without missing. If it touches the sweet spot even slightly it counts.


Practice Method #3 (Expert Mode)

Try putting the ball so it rolls over the Logo Man so it stops on top of the Sweet Spot. With the ramp on the outer ring, getting the ball on top of the Sweet Spot ensures proper speed for the putt. You will notice that even if you don’t stop the ball in the middle of the Sweet Spot, you would have made the putt as it would have been inside the outer ring (regulation size hole). Bet with your friends on who can make this putt!

The Magic of Practice

Practice with effective purpose.

Improve alignment and aiming (aiming to a smaller target).

Putting, aiming at a smaller target is more effective than aiming at a regulation size hole.

Putts that strike the Sweet Spot will go in 99% of the time!

Improve accuracy

Practicing with the Sweet Spot Putting System will save strokes, as many as 3 per round just by eliminating three putts. Routine use of the Sweet Spot Putting System will improve your stroke, aim and alignment and especially your confidence!

You will make more putts, putting for the dough!

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