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Putting Secret - It's More Than Mechanics

1 When reading the break of the green, read more break than you think. Amateurs miss on the low side of the hole. Pros miss on the high side. A ball slowing down will tend to break more and die towards the hole.

2. Get the speed of the putt right. Never leave a putt short. Try to envision the amount of speed needed to carry the ball 18 inches past the hole. If it goes past the hole, it gives you the break for the putt coming back. If you leave it short, you still have to figure out the break. Amateurs miss most putts short of the hole. Pros miss putts past the hole.

3. You have to get the putter face square to the target line at impact with the ball. It accounts for 87% the direction the ball goes. The pros practice hundreds of 3 foot putts and drills, grooving in the square impact position.

4. Focus on the speed of the putt. Once you have set up to the ball, forget the line. Trust your setup and focus only on how hard you want to hit the ball. Your mind can not process multiple thoughts – line and distance. Having multiple thoughts will cause you to miss or give you the yips.

5. Practice your miss. Practice a lot of 6 foot putts. Most amateurs leave their chips short or their long lag putts short. By practicing 6 foot putts you are practicing for your miss. This can eliminate 3 putts and shave strokes.

Every putting stroke on the PGA tour is a little different. Every grip is a little different. Putters are all different. The above tips are done by ALL the touring pros. Don’t get locked into mechanics, get locked into what the pros know and do.

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