Special Products For Agencies



IPWerks enhances your opportunity to communicate your message with unique products that begin with a “COIN” embellished with your unique branded logo.

What you communicate visually matters and your logo imprinted on a coin begins its journey of instant advertizing in multiple products

Whether you want to expand your product line, improve good will, or increase your brand recognition, the coin makes it happen!

Moo Factor

Brandings humble beginnings started as a way to distinguish one person’s cattle from another.

A hot iron embossed the “BRAND” on the hide of the cow.

In fact, the word BRAND meant “TO BURN” and set the stage for what is now know as BRAND OBSESSION. 

Plan Ahead

Planning a golf tournament, fundraiser or special reward? 

Your logo on a coin as a challenge coin or unique quality product with embedded coin creates a “TOP OF THE LINE” felling that exudes excellence.  

Visulize the possibilities for your logo!

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